What happened to baby Judith on The Walking Dead?

Sunday night’s episode of “The Walking Dead” was, in one word, EPIC. It contained everything it had been building up since the third season.  It was the war between Rick and his people and The Governor and his new crew – plus a tank. During the entire hour, I was shaking and nervous for the beloved characters. Who would die? Who would survive? It was driving me a little bananas but ultimately that is what a good show is supposed to do.  It needs to keep the viewer at the edge of their seats. But a show where zombies rule the world, life is uncertain for all these characters. No one is safe, and that was especially evident in “Too Far Gone.”

Meghan, The Governor and the beloved Hershel were all killed in last night’s episode. Everyone was shocked in the way Hershel was beheaded violently by the Governor. It was a brutal blow to the prison gang. Hershel had become the moral compass of the show and all the blogs this morning were talking about his death. I, however, saw the possible death or disappearance of baby Judith as the most shocking. Judith was just a baby and more importantly, she represented hope of a possible new beginning and the possibility of the human race to continue in a post-zombie apocalypse world.

Since we really only got to see a car seat full of blood and no real proof that she was eaten by walkers, below are my theories of what could have happened to her.

  • Carol to the rescue — Since we haven’t seen Carol after her banishment by Rick for killing two people, I think she came in and saved Judith. I believe Carol stuck around to take Lizzie and Mika. She had made a promise to take care of them after their father received a few bites from the walkers. With all the chaos going on, it could have been an easy for Carol to sneak in and save her. Not only that, but I think she will be with the other children that were left behind with Tyrese. I think Carol and Tyrese will end up together and become BFFs. Tyrese doesn’t yet know she is the killer of his girlfriend. It would make for an interesting storyline to see these two character interact. (Side note theory: Could it be Carol driving the bus?)

  • Michonne picked her up with her katana – After slicing her katana through the Governor’s body, Michonne was not seen again.  She could have heard Little Ass Kicker crying underneath all the gun fire and explosions. She was close to all the action. At the beginning of the season, Michonne had a sweet little moment with Judith as she held her. My theory on that is that she had a child of her own pre-walkers? It would make for a dynamic story arc for Michonne to be taking care of a child as opposed to her hard demeanor she carries.
  • Little Ass Kicker crawled away – Okay, so this theory might be a little far-fetched but she was around the age of crawling and maybe she crawled back into the prison for safety? Her given name is Little Ass Kicker! She could totally be kicking walker ass on her way back into the prison. I am guessing Daryl is like her godfather and he’s been teaching her some arching moves. Just saying.

So what is your theory of what happened to Little Ass Kicker aka Judith? Is she really dead? Could she have crawled away? Will she have her own story line for the mid-season opener?


4 responses to “What happened to baby Judith on The Walking Dead?

  1. I vote for dead. I know, “inhumane” but they are living in an inhumane world. I’m sure she is on that bus though, with Carol in the driver’s seat.

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