Keep Calm, Google It

There is nothing more annoying to me right now than when someone tells me to ‘Google it.’ Let me explain why this little phrase gets on my nerves. I am not a lazy person and I use Google all the time to search for information. I like Google! I think it’s great and convenient to find everything you want on the Internet through this search engine. ‘Google it’ is even a pop culture phrase seen in movies and TV shows.

However, what really gets on under my skin is when someone is telling me about something, and I have no clue what they are talking about, and their response is to ‘Google it’. This common type of conversation usually happens through text or some sort of chat form. Let’s say a conversation went something like this:

ME: Oh, so what did you get for Xmas?

THEM: blah, blah, blah, an UP Band, blah, blah.

ME: What’s an UP Band?

THEM: Google it

ME: (a perplexed and annoyed look on the other side of the phone)

Google it? Why should I have to Google it? I may not know what ‘it’ is but if you are the one telling me about something and I ask you, then you should know, right? The best response from them should have been an easy explanation of what I asked since they obviously know. Is it just an easy way of getting out of explaining something because you assume everyone has a smart phone (which I do, but that is beside the point here) and can Google it? Why can’t you just explain what ‘it’ is since you obviously know? Why make it more complicated for the other person? Is it just plain laziness on the person’s part to not give the answer straight away or am I the lazy one for not wanting to ‘Google it’?

I wish I could say this ‘Google it’ response was coming from one individual but I’m getting it and hearing it from many people. It’s valid to ask someone to Google directions because you may not know how to get to a place or Google something when neither party knows anything about it.  However, if you know what ‘it’ is, don’t tell someone to Google it. Just explain it!

There is definitely something else I would like to respond when they tell me to Google it. But I am too nice to really say it.  Am I the only one that gets annoyed by this ‘Google it’ phrase?


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