Worst opening TV show credits

When good shows have bad opening credits

A few days ago I posted a blog on my top choices for the best opening credits of TV shows so I wanted to keep the momentum going and decided to change it to the worst opening credits. One really can’t do one list without doing the other, right?

Before getting started on the list, I must add that in no way do I think these shows are bad. In fact, I think they are great shows, however, the opening sequence would probably turn many away and quickly reach for the remote. Some have bad music, or too long, not long enough, or just a bad montage of the show.  I get it that they have budgets and just until a few years ago opening credits become their own shows but that doesn’t get these shows off the hook for bad opening credits.

Without in any particular order, here is the list:


I love this show. It was funny and still is on reruns but that song and the group just dancing around the water fountain made it boring and painful to watch. The Rembrandts theme song “I’ll Be There For You” eventually had its own music video. It should never have been made…

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I hate to put this show on this list because it is one of my all-time favorites. It was smart and the dialogue was unique, however, the music to the opening sequence would put anyone off. I believe part of the reason it became a cult show was because only those few of us were able to get through the opening credits to realize what a great show Buffy was. The heavy guitar made it seem like you would be watching some sort of heavy metal show.

Sex and the City

I just disliked very much the music to this show. I get that the music is a little tongue and cheek like the show is meant to be but the music felt out of place with New York City. The music is so iconic to the show now but it felt like the music belonged somewhere like the beach in Brazil. I do have to give it credit for revealing Sarah Jessica Parker in a tutu at the end.

The L Word

Possibly the worst opening on the list, again, mainly because of the terrible theme song.  The show is about lesbians, pretty lesbians to be exact and the montage of the cast seems very cliché.  At one point the song just starts singing these awful lyrics “talking, laughing, loving, fucking, breathing, crying… “ I felt like crying after watching it!

Games of Thrones

I am sure I am going to get people saying I am wrong on this as this is usually on the best list of opening credits but for me it just feels boring and long. It’s more than 2 minutes long. It also reminds me too much of the Lord of the Rings map.

Which TV shows do you press the skip button through the credits?


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