Baby Judith not dead, Carol returns on The Walking Dead

Photo by Gene Page/AMC

Back in December when the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead aired, the show left us wondering what had happened to the survivors of the prison. There was one particular character that had left us, well at least me in particular, wondering what had happened to her: baby Judith. I had some theories of what could have happened and I was hoping that the mid-season opener was going to answer it but alas it did not until this Sunday’s episode of “Inmates.”

The last image we saw of baby Judith, aka Little Ass Kicker, was the bloody empty car seat she was being carried on by the little kids. I had three theories: one, Carol had taken her;  two, Michonne saved her with her bad ass katana; and three, she crawled away to safety. Sadly, neither of my theories were correct. I was a little bit bummed but, hey, can’t always get them right. So it turns out baby Judith was with Tyrese. This was a little twist but some people did point out that while he was running he was carrying something. Although when I re-watched it, I couldn’t really tell.

I was really hoping for my Michonne theory to be correct because as the mid-season opener showed us in Michonne’s trippy-flashback dream she had a baby pre-walker world. Unfortunately, the only thing she was carrying was her katana and two pet walkers – although still very bad ass of her. My third theory was far off but anything can happen in television.

My Carol theory wasn’t too far off as she did show up to save Mika and Lizzie from emanate death by walkers, and she had been following them since the prison attack. I threw my hands in the air when Carol 2.0 re-appeared as she was wrongfully banished from the group by Rick for killing two people (who I might add were sick and posed a threat to the prison surviving group). Rick, of course, didn’t see it this way.

I did point out that Tyrese and Carol would end up together. As you might recall, one of the people Carol offed was a woman whom Tyrese had feelings for, and he doesn’t yet know Carol was behind the death of his former love interest. For us viewers it has been months when we last saw these characters, but in Dead it has only been a few days. When asked by Tyrese where she had been, she lies as she isn’t ready to tell him tell him what she’s done. She tells him instead she had been out searching for food and returned when the prison being attacked, and she had been tracking him and the girls. Clearly, this wasn’t moment to come clean about what she had done. I’d have to agree with her. It will be interesting to see if she does tell him and how he will react to the news.

Photo by Gene Page/AMC

“Inmates” was a great episode finally putting together the pieces of what happened to the remaining survivors from the prison. A quick recap: Beth and Daryl ended up together – possible romance? Maggie, Sasha and Bob were in the woods and Maggie went in search of her husband, Glen. Glen was in the prison and ended up saving former Governor supporter, Tara. Six more episodes remain of season 4 and with the end introducing three more new characters it will be interesting to see if the separated group will reunite.


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