OITNB: ‘Thirsty Bird’ recap season 2 premier episode

orange is the new black

Screen shot of “Orange Is The New Black”

Last year Netflix come up with a few original shows to stream and one of the biggest surprises and best quality shows has been Orange Is The New Black based on Piper Kerman’s memoir about her experience in a women’s prison. Its second season started streaming Friday (June 6) with all 13 new episodes available to view. And like any junkie who binges, a good kind of binging, will devour all 13 episodes in two days.

I admit that I am a so called Netflix binge-junkie; however, I will take the time to do a summary of each episode of OITNB so as not to OD in two days. I will sacrifice my—anyway, last season OITNB ended with Piper at her worst. Her fiancé had left her, her former girlfriend and prison mate had betrayed her, and out pure rage beat Pennsatucky to death, or so she thought.

In the first episode titled “Thirsty Bird” Piper (Taylor Schilling) is in solitary confinement and is woken up by guards who take her to a plane with more prisoners on board. She doesn’t know where she’s going nor why she is being moved. She demands answers from the guards, but when you are a prisoner, all you are told to shut up and sit down. While on the plane, we get a flashback of Piper when she was a young girl in a school bus with her friend telling her to jump from the back with the rest of the kids. Young Piper tells her that she can’t because it’s the wrong thing to do. Young Piper isn’t a risk taker.

In a different flashback we also see a young Piper going to watch an R rated movie (Dazed and Confused) with her friend but she’s hesitant to go in. While debating with her friend about doing the right thing, she sees her father kissing a woman that isn’t her mother. She tells her grandmother that after telling her mother the truth, her mother completely ignored it. Young Piper thought telling the truth was the correct thing to do. This theme of doing the right thing ran thought the episode.

Piper finally learns her destination: Chicago. But she isn’t aware of why she’s there. As she meets her new cellmates, they begin to yell at her for killing their pet cockroach named Yoda. “She killed Yoda” should have been the name of the episode but that is just my take. Her cellmates demand her to find a new Yoda otherwise a crazy cellmate will sit on her face. Yoda was used to transport cigarettes to different rooms in the prison and he always came back. He was master Yoda

While out in the courtyard she sees her former girlfriend, Alex. Piper manages to sneak a note to Alex by giving a male prisoner her worn underwear. When Piper and Alex, Alex tells her that they are there for the trial of Alex’s former drug boss Kubra and warns her not to tell the truth because Kubra’s business is vengance. Piper tells her that she cannot lie under oath. At the trial, Piper begins telling the truth but at the last minute backs out. In the last scene, Piper is sitting in a cell at the court house and as Alex walks by tells her that she told the truth about Kubra and is getting released from Prison and Piper goes ballistic.

In this episode, we don’t get to see the rest of the cast as it is Piper’s story with flashbacks.  Isolating Piper’s character from the rest was a great way to start the show because just like Piper feeling left out from her former prison life so is the audience. Taylor Schilling does a great job in this episode showing her comedic timing and vulnerability. At the beginning you get her sense of urgency to find out what is going but once she learns she hasn’t killed Pennsatusky, Schilling is back to her wittier self.

I’ll be back with next episode soon but in the meantime here are some funny lines from the show:

“Are you famous? You’re Lindsay Lohan?” inmate to Piper.

“You better be praying to God! Him, baby Jesus, Buddha, whoever else might lookout for dumbass bitches!” Scowly Inmate to Piper after she kills Yoda.

“Oh, I thought he was a rapist! I’m so relieved.” Piper after learning her helper was a murderer.


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