OITNB: All about Taystee in ‘Looks Blue, Tastes Red’

Taystee and Nicky from Orange Is The New Black

It was all about Tatstee in Orange Is The New Black second episode “Looks Blue, Tastes Red” and I had no qualms about it. In the first episode we left Piper back in Chicago with her new cellmate Yoda and now we return to back to the upstate prison in New York with the rest of her former cellmates.

It was nice to start the episode with a flashback of a young Taystee at a park vying to find a family as she is in a group home. She is vibrant and loveable even as a kid telling would-be prospective parents that she is real smart and knows the whole periodic chart. She also meets Vee at the park, a drug dealer, and future Taystee boss.

Back at the prison the girls are playing dress up for a mock interview challenge. Nothing new has progressed since last season, they are still in prison. The girls meet at the chapel all dressed up for their dress up challenge and Taystee (Daniell Brooks) is doing her best to impress the judge with her business like suit. Seeing Taystee take the challenge seriously, you realize that she is no dumb girl.  She has just made bad choices. Brooks does an exceptional job playing Taystee bringing warmth and a real appeal that you root for Tasytee to make it out of prison.

During the flashbacks, Taystee begs Vee for a job. Taystee is good with math and Vee finds Taystee’s quick wit and charm appealing. Vee hires her and forms a familial bond. In one scene, Vee and Taystee are having dinner along with one of Vee’s teen employees and Taystee’s eyes light up because, to her, this is the closest thing she has to a family. I think more is going on with Vee and Taystee but we’ll see what future episodes reveal.

The mock interview scene with Taystee, Flaca and the Philip Morris employee was hilarious. I don’t want to give too much away but a new character is introduced at the very end that may turn Taystee’s world upside down.

We also learn that Pennsatucky (Taryn Manning) is alive, just toothless. She meets with correctional officer Sam (Michael Harney), who if you remember from last season, set her up to kill Piper outside in the snow. Sam wants to meet with Pennsatucky to talk about what happened and make things clear to her. And just when you think that Pennsstucky is one dumb squirrel, she tells him that she remembers everything and blackmails him for some brand new teeth.

Here are some memorable moments from the episode:

“I still look hella office,” Taystee after losing the dress up challenge.

Larry to his father, “Why did you bring us to a gay bath house?” Dad, “I had a groupon.”

“Are you aware that you just told a woman in prison she should be a correctional officer? What the fuck is wrong with you?” Nicky.

“I was hoping I could work with mentally ill children. I think I can offer some insight into what they might be experiencing and helping them heal and recover,” Crazy Eyes.

“I use my time efficiently. I’m almost never late.” Flaca Gonzalez


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