OITNB: Love is like pizza

Poussey (SamIra Wiley) in “You Also Have Pizza”

Valentines Day can be a sucky day for single people anywhere, now imagine how it can be for a group of women living in prison. The 6th episode of Orange Is The New Black “You Also Have A Pizza” focused on this cheesy romantic day.

It started off with several inmates talking into the camera expressing what love meant to them. It varied from inmate to inmate. For some it was great sex, others pain, or having pizza because love is pizza. I love pizza. If love was like pizza, everything would be cheesy and gooey and fantastic….

However, “Pizza” left me wanting more in this episode as it focused on Poussey (Samira Wiley), the girl who is always wearing baggy clothes and joking with Taystee. The flashbacks from this season have given us details about what the women did to be in prison but with Poussey we only got glimpse of her teenage years when she lived in Germany with her parents in what looked like an army base.

In Poussey’s flashbacks we learn she speaks German and has a German girlfriend who is the daughter of a high ranking military general who catches them having sex. Poussey is smart and cool but once she learns she is leaving the base, she shuts down and becomes cold. The girl who described love as being with someone you can just chill with can only tell her girlfriend that she has nice tits and will remember her for that.

Poussey real test of character was in prison when she stood up to Vee (Lorraine Toussaint). Just like she stood up to her girlfriend’s father, who tells her she needed to be “fixed,” Poussey told Vee she better not get Taystee in trouble or she will kill her. Just like her girlfriend’s dad, Vee took it as a joke and told her that Taystee will never love her the way Poussey wants. Although she walks away like a tough bitch, her eyes tear up knowing Vee is right.

Vee continues her quest to become the lioness off the prison. She starts smuggling in tobacco through the cleaning supplies. But she is not the only one. Red (Kate Mulgrew) is also smuggling goods through her green house. Instead of using the sewage to escape, Red is bringing goods to buy her old friends back. She knows that a war is coming and wants to have her crew together.

To keep with the theme of Valentines, the inmates had a dance. One couple “Pizza” focused on was Dayanara (Dascha Polanco) and John’s (Matt McGorry) relationship, who despite being stuck in prison, seem to actually care for each other. During the dance, they sneak out to a private room and have sex. Dayanara’s emotions have made her act a little crazy recently from the pregnancy making her lash out at John. And the poor guy isn’t getting any slack from Dayanara’s friends (Aleida, Flaca, and Ramos) who are asking him to sneak them things in order to keep their silence about their romance.

Piper (Taylor Schilling) also gets a visit from her former fiancee, Larry (Jason Biggs). She tells him she wants to go home when she gets out but he fires back telling her he can’t live off of hope. Larry also tells her about the reporter who wants to write about the prison funding and asked Piper to get information for but he wants to write the story. They argue and Larry storms out.

Piper starts asking some of staff and other inmates, who have been there for a longtime, questions about funding and programs that have not received money. Sam, the counselor, questions her about this but she tells him she wants to start a prison newsletter. She tells him the newsletter is a great way for the inmates to get to know each other, and since Sam has overheard the inmates saying he’s a creep, he goes for it and asks Piper to give him writing samples.

“Pizza” has some melancholy moments between the inmates. Ramos and Flaca get drunk and makeout and they realize they are missing the best part of their young lives stuck in prison. Lorna is still heartbroken about Christopher but Crazy Eyes comforts her.

Here are some memorable lines from “Pizza”:

“Pain, horrible pain that you want again and again,” Sophia describing love.

“Gabriel got me flowers. He stole them from his cousin’s funeral. It was so sweet,” Ruiz.

“I had a thing once with my boss at Long John Silver. Then I found out his wife was wicked hot,” Leanne

“Freedom of the press should not be only for the free,” Piper to Sam.

Ramos and Flaca describing Valentines Day

“And you have a pizza,” Ramos

“You’ve been hoarding this room like some Hilary Clinton dictator. And we want to be a democracy,” Leanne to Pennsatucky.

“You know what gets me? We are wasting the best years of our lives in here. Like, our tits are never going to look better, our asses are never going to look better,” Ramos

“It’s like coming home after a long trip. That’s what love is like. Like coming home,“ Piper.


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