Habitually Mean

The third post of our four part series of the Mean Gay dives into the habits of the Mean Gay. Here Scott & Words describes the habitual inclining’s of the mean ones. Check it out!

Scott & Words

The Mean Gay has that certain look. They have a particular way of communicating, but there’s more you need to know about the Mean Gay that might have escaped your attention. We’re talking about patterns of behavior that may help you spot this breed of gay…

The Plasitcs
They’re mean, yes, but they are still social creatures. The Mean Gay is going to be found in a clique with others like him. If you spot a cluster of Twinks or a congregation of jocks approach carefully; you never know if you will be met with a storm of mean.

The Spot
Not the g-spot, but the spot where the Mean Gays like to spend their free time. There are a few key locations where you are likely to encounter these cliques. When you frequent the gym your chances of running into them have just risen exponentially. This is…

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