Putting Out on the First Date

C'mon, would you really tell THIS guy no? If you say, you're lying to yourself.
C’mon, would you really tell THIS guy no? If you say yes, you’re lying to yourself.

ME may be more liberal when it comes to social issues, but in the bedroom he tends to be shy. MO, however, has no qualms with sex on the first date. ME and MO are going to dive into the topic of putting out on the first date: good idea or too soon?

ME: So I would like to say that I have never slept with anyone on the first date!

ST. ME over here.
ST. ME over here.

MO: Wait, like never, ever?

ME: Yes, never. I have never put out on the first date. I just believe that you should try to get to know someone a little before sleeping with them. You have to see if there is a vibe or chemistry there.

MO: And that isn’t possible on the first date?

ME: Well, not that it’s impossible. But what is the likelihood of something real spawning from putting out on the first date? I’m just classy never trashy.

MO: Sooo, guys who do put out are trashy?

ME: Well, are you going out to just have sex or are you going out to actually get to know the person. What is the purpose of your outing?

MO: Sometimes we start with the intent to get to know someone and then stuff just happens. Maybe you hit it off really well and you start fooling around and. And that doesn’t always mean that getting to know someone is off the table.

ME: But sleeping with someone on the first meeting, doesn’t that kill the incentive to keep going out? Because what else are going to get to know about him? It seems that if you sleep with a guy the first time guys tend to lose interest.

MO: Like he got the milk for free, why would he want to keep the cow?

ME: If your intent to is to actually date someone, shouldn’t you want to wait and get to know his personality? Wouldn’t the sex then be more intense?

MO: Well, it’s been my experience that putting out on the first date doesn’t always mean the end of dating. I’ve gone out with guys and we had sex on the first date, but then we kept going out.

ME: But did it develop into anything?

MO: It did once. So like a 5% success rate. But it’s not necessarily the sex that killed it.

Graphs is science, so....yeah.
Graphs is science, so….yeah.

ME: Maybe you should define why it’s okay?

MO: I think it’s fine because it feels good! If the chemistry and connection is there, then it’s not necessarily wrong and there’s no point in delaying the inevitable. If the connection is genuine then having sex on the first date will not lead to diminished interest.

ME: It could kill the potential to further the relationship because you know the guy physically. And it seems if you start this way, you tend to lose interest in actually getting to know the guy even more.

MO: And I am disagreeing with you, as usual. It’s not universally true. Sex on the first date doesn’t necessarily kill that potential. Who’s to say that having it on the fourth date doesn’t do the same. Either way, a relationship isn’t guaranteed. Sex on the first date is not the deciding factor and if it is, then that is the wrong guy to be with.

Hey, God said it not me.
Hey, God said it not me.

ME: You’re a whore.

ME: 20 dates does not guarantee a relationship. What I am saying is that sleeping with someone from the get-go is killing the potential for romance. If you sleep with a guy on the first date, then you already know you won’t have to try very hard to impress the person. Why try when you’re a whore?!

MO: Just because you haven’t had sex in like ten years, don’t be bitter. And plus, it seems like you made a point FOR putting out on the first date. Put out on the first date and if it goes well, you like it, they stick around then twenty dates wouldn’t be such a waste of time. But if you go on all these dates, then sleep with someone and you don’t like it or that person then takes off…well, you just wasted hella time and effort.

What do you think? Is ME is always right? Should you wait to see if there is romance or is putting out on the first date kosher?