The Blackout Experience

The Hangover” was basically a movie about the every-man/woman experience of a drunken night out in Las Vegas and waking up the next day with out a trace of memory of what occurred.  I call it the blackout experience where you don’t remember what happened during a night of excessive alcoholic libations. When I watched the Hangover, I thought it was alright. It had some funny moments but I didn’t really quite understand what that experience of blacking out was all about.

Every time I drink or have been drunk, I have always been a responsible drunk who at least knows how to get back home (walking of course) and can remember exactly what happened during the night out.  I remember what was done and said including intonations. All that changed this weekend. I experienced the infamous blackout that was portrayed in “The Hangover.”  I was, of course, not in Las Vegas, but just celebrating my birthday in my town. I thought it would be like any of my other birthday’s or any other weekend I decided to go out. I’d get a few friends to go out to the bars and have a few drinks and come home and have the room spinning for a bit, possibly vomit (responsibly in the toilet) but I would know exactly what I did the night before when I’d wake up.

But that all changed at the ripe old age of 35! Yes 35! I know all who experience this do so in their twenties but like I had mentioned before, I have always been a responsible drinker. Always puking in the toilet and never in anyone’s car or carpet– always responsible.  However, this past weekend, I don’t remember pretty much anything from the night. I am not exactly sure how to feel about that. Should I be proud that I finally had a night of irresponsible drinking and managed to let loose? Or should I be sort of ashamed and worried that I let myself drink to the point of not remembering what I did during a night of drinking?Drunk Man Funny Sleep

When I woke up the next morning, I was in the bathroom (responsible puking still in me) but could not remember how I ended up there (not responsible). I tried to remember as hard as I could what had happened the night before and why there were so many leaves in my house: in the kitchen, the bedroom, the closet and the bathroom. However, my mind drew a blank to all of this and my pounding head wouldn’t allow me to think of much else but my pounding head. I remember the initial going out and meeting at a bar and having a few beers, but after that nothing. All memories wiped out by alcohol. Now if alcohol could only work to wipe out other memories one does not want to recall.

After waking up mid-afternoon, my friends, who I thought had spent the night, had left and I could not find my house keys. Details of the night slowly began to emerge since Facebook can now help with that by the many jokes my friends were posting about soda. I, of course, had no idea what they were talking about. I asked one of my cousins, where my keys were at, and I finally found them hanging on the door (the last place I would have looked). I asked a different friend what had happened and he sent me a picture since pictures speak louder than words. When I looked at the picture, I was still a bit drunk; I laughed, but then realized I was rolling around in the street. My friend not only told me that I rolled around in the street but also fell into some bushes and most of the walk home I crawled, not walked. He also said I fell asleep outside, vomited on myself (irresponsible puking), and I was cut off drinking at the bar, and he ordered me a soda.

I, apparently, thought this soda was the best alcoholic beverage ever! And this is where the soda jokes were coming from. Hey, I am a happy drunk, what can I say? I also woke up with bruises all over my body, probably from falling down so many times as I was told. Although this night may not have been quite the experience like “The Hangover” with no missing tooth or tigers in my bathroom, it was fun to see pictures on my phone that I don’t  remember taking and making it home without  losing my wallet or phone and dignity. The responsible drunk was still in me. Again, I am not sure how I should feel about the  experience, but I can say without a doubt it was a fun night out with friends celebrating and for once letting my inhibitions loose.